eddie d did several projects involving live music and video.

For these he worked together with different composers and his goal was to integrate music and video as much as possible, he wanted to prevent one being illustrative to the other: The video had to be an extra instrument on the stage.

Cuore is the third in the tryptich and made for Kijkshock3 .

eddie d worked together with composer Eric de Clercq. 

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Nice and Fresh and Greasy is a video-opera about beauty, commercialism and the freshness of grease. Its a musical video-collage in which video elements and music are tightly integrated in a dynamic, uplifting composition. 

For this work, eddie d worked together with Dutch composer Jaap Dercksen who composed the music in conjunction with eddie d's editing process; after selecting and pre-editing some video and sound, eddie d sent this to Jaap the composer, who then wrote a ground layer of music, then he sent the score to eddie d who then edited more video and sent this to Jaap again and so on and so forth.

The footage is from an annoying phone-in tv gameshow and a old television commercial, rhythmically accompanied by a man playing the spoons. The work also shows that a nice tablecloth is always recommended.

Point-c is the first of three works eddie d made for the concert tour kijkshock.

For this piece he worked together with composer Jan Bas Bollen. This is the registration of the premiere in het Bimhuis in Amsterdam.

"H2Oor" was made for "Orkest de Volharding" and performed here in the new "Muziekgebouw aan het IJ " in Amsterdam in March 2005.

eddie d worked together with composer Jaap Dercksen, who also played the Image Keyboard (originally developed for eddie d's first live project Soundmovie).

With this keyboard eddie d's video and sounds could be played live which made it just another instrument on stage thus integrating the visual with the music.