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eddie d (1963-2055)

Graduated 1991 AKI Enschede, Media Art Department, Holland.
eddie d is the nations first video artist/gardener and lives in the rural Dunsborg.
His work consists of photos, videotapes, videopoems and video/computer installations.
Themes are the forms of language, rhythm and the relation between image and sound.
In the videotapes this resulted in musical compositions in which he uses his almost perfect editing technique to build rhythmical structures with repetition as a striking element. Music is a basic influence; as a formal starting point as well as a source of structures and patterns. His work is internationally considered the standard in this genre of video art.

He is known for his video poems, short, single channel, video works in which spoken word and sound are transformed into compositions of language and rhythm. Repetitive gestures and facial expressions are the elements on which these works are build. These have evolved into the de-construction of words and sounds. This transforms into composing sounds from single letters, that would be almost unpronounceable. Examples are "Sonatina", a work of which the structure is inspired by the sonatas of Kurt Schwitters, and “Pas de Deux” in which two politicians perform a choreography for four hands.
The footage for these works are taken from television and film and mr d has a preference for the basic “talking head”.

In his installations eddie d explores single sounds, movements and gestures and likes to show the beauty of everyday objects. The works usually need a visitors participation; he/she has to push a button or step on a mat to see and experience a work completely. Sometimes a work only unfolds itself when it detects a presence at a certain location.
eddie d's choice of images often evolves around every day live. He zooms in on his subjects to isolate them from their surroundings.
At the moment he is further exploring the concept of still life in video/computer installation and made several works with this theme. (see also the works "Stilllife with 7.5 Cookies", "Still Life With Flowers" and Le Dressoir)
The large installation, “Orquesta Revoltillio”, a “multi channel, spatial video-composition”, is a key-work in his oeuvre. It combines his installations with his musical, single channel approach.

These stilllifes have their roots in movie scenes and a photo archive that he build over the past years.

The photos, made during his travels, show a search for the exceptional in the ordinary; table-lamps, furniture and household wares are favorite subjects. eddie d made a several photobooks and does an annual mailing; The eddie d Easter Card. In his photobooks he investigates his daily cups of coffee, coffeetables or the traffic in front of his rural home.

Mr d did several stage projects:
'Soundmovie', a composition for 6 musicians and video, with composer Jaap Derksen. For this, the Netherlands Institute for Media art (NIM) build the 'Toonbeeldklavier' (Image keyboard) for him. With this instrument eddie d's video and sounds could be played live which made it an extra musician on stage thus integrating the visual with the music. This concert was performed in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and went on tour throughout Europe.
This work was re-made into "H2Oor" for "Orkest de Volharding" and performed in the new "Muziekgebouw aan het IJ " in Amsterdam in March 2005. An updated, open source version of the image keyboards was developed by the NIM.
In 2000 he made two compositions for video and scratcher that were performed once, in Utrecht, Holland. For this he worked together with DJTommy.
With Dutch composer Bas Jan Bollen he made "
Point-c", a composition for video and 5-peace ensemble. It had it's premiere at the Holland Animation Festival 2004 and went on tour as part of the live music/animation program "Kijkshock".
In 2006 he worked with composer Jaap Derksen for "Nice and Fresh and Greasy" and the third in this triptych, Cuore, went on tour in Feb. 2009 and for this he worked together with composer Eric de Clerck. The was on tour throughout 2010 and is available on video as part of the "Kijkshock" project.

d also occasionally presents "The eddie d lecture", where he talks about his influences and shows favorite film and tv fragments, cartoons and music clips that relate to his own work. The lectures can also revolve around a specific theme, like the "How To Be An Artist" lecture, in which he shows how to be an artist. He gave lectures at Dutch art schools and in Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and other places (he seems to have forgotten where). Contact him if you want to know if he is available for a fresh one.

The eddie d workshop involves participating in- or making a short video under supervision of mr d. He works with children from age 4, but also with adolescents, adults and senior citizens. Contact eddie d for more info.

eddie d has received several grants from the Foundation for the Arts in Holland (Fonds BKVB) and his shows were financially supported by Dutch embassy's in several countries . His work has been shown worldwide in museums and at video and film festivals. He won a few awards in the past but doesn't compete anymore.
His work was sold for broadcasting to t.v. stations worldwide and his tapes are part of several collections. Video installations were, amongst others, acquired by the city of Enschede and the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, both in Holland.
He did several solo exhibitions and there were some retrospectives of his single channel work.
Mr d started a fresh 5000 m2 garden in 2013 together with his spouse and is designing and planting this until his fingers bleed.


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