Installation/video-loop, 2000-2004
Monitor/video projector, prints, silent.

Passiveness, emptiness, emotionless, all this is to be read on the faces and in the eyes of the people that pass by in this work as an endless litany. The only movement is the slowly blinking of the eyes of some of them. This slow movement is the rhythm on which the video is edited.
The faces are part of an audience that is not looking at anything, but is totally self-absorbed. The absence of sound makes the emptiness even stronger.
The work is presented on one or more monitors or projections, preferably a little over head-level, on a wall or pedestal.
In combination with the video are several photo's, size 1,19 m. x 0,84 m., of some of the characters from the video. The photos are taken from a special monitor that produces a line pattern. This pattern creates an extra distance between the viewer and the portrayed.
The photos and the video can be exhibited together as well as separately.

video sequence

photo detail(real size)