An installation by eddie d
1 computer (amiga 600), 1 small videoprojector (with sound), a spherical, glass projection screen, a classic Berlin-bell-button, wood, cable, 1 dctv unit.

On the spherical projection glass you see the face of  a woman looking at you with wide open, bright blue eyes staring at you. Not moving, not making a sound. Just staring with friendly, hypnotising eyes.
Next to the projection glass is a gold-coloured bell-button on a wooden shield. The button looks like a old fashioned door-knocker but instead of knocking you have to pull it. If you do this, suddenly the womans face distorts . "ssshhh" she says mean and her eyes flash furiously with a red light. Maybe you should have left her in peace?
After this display of evil her face turns to its "normal" state, like before, waiting for someone to pull the knocker.

try the bell-button