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10 videopoems
by eddie d

Look At This (Poem #10)

Poem #9

Poem #5

poem #3

Poem #7

Poem #2

poem #1
Television is all talk, which is of precious little meaning. From the daily brew of sight-and-sound produced by the medium, we distil what we wish to see and hear, and totally disregard the rest. In his 'Poems', eddie d has adapted the remaining dross into an audio visual poem. Hollow words, fixed expressions and meaningless gestures form the framework on which this video is built. Whereas in eddie d's earlier works, the main theme involved the sound of the things, here the emphasis is placed on words. When taken out of context, either in a sentence or a story, these words become pure sounds which, with their own rhythm and intonation, tell a very different tale.

Poem #4

Poem #6

Poem #8